Sculpted Power: Maserati’s All-New Grecale


March 7, 2023

Words by: Tom Sedens

Iconic, Audacious, Futuristic Performance Luxury

Maserati’s tradition of naming their creations after winds began in 1963 with the Mistral. The Ghibli, Bora, and many others followed. The latest is the Grecale. Named after a strong, cool Mediterranean wind, it brings a new wave of technology, performance and design to the stable. 

Performance, style and craftsmanship are Maserati’s hallmarks. The former is delivered thanks to three engine choices: a 300 or 330 HP inline-4 or a 

fire-breathing 530 HP V6. Acceleration is ferocious and unrelenting, with the top two engines effortlessly hitting 100 km/h in 5 seconds or less, and the quad exhaust pipes bellowing out a symphony of signature Maserati sound. 

The transmission shifts seamlessly when commuting, but can also snap off lightning-fast shifts when called upon, and can be manually controlled using the gorgeous aluminum paddle shifters. 

Maserati Grecale

The driver can choose between multiple drive modes, each impacting the vehicle’s responsiveness, transmission programming, suspension performance and even exhaust sound. In Comfort mode, the air suspension offers up a truly pillowy ride. Sport mode firms things up and brings the Grecale’s thrilling handling capabilities into focus. 

The Grecale’s style is cosmopolitan and modern. Sculpted lines fuse Maserati’s iconic design elements, such as the triple side air vents and signature grille framing the new Maserati Trident, with an audacious and pure look. Flowing curves, athletic stance and aggressive muscularity are all balanced in a sleek and fluid package. 

Inside, the Grecale embraces a new paradigm of luxury, combining equal elements of tradition and innovation. The styling evokes a sense of emotion and every detail has a purpose. Every surface is beautifully upholstered in stitched leather or trimmed with wood or a lustrous Copper Yarn carbon fiber. The old-world craftsmanship is evident wherever the eyes look and the hands touch. 

Front and center on the dash is the famous Maserati clock – an iconic design feature for ages. In the Grecale, this nod to the marque’s history and traditions becomes a digital interface, projecting the feature into the future. It can be customized by themes and with the information it displays.

Maserati Grecale

The heated and ventilated seats envelop the driver and passengers in comfort and incredible support. Crafted out of the finest leathers, they are hand-stitched and embossed with the Maserati logo on the headrest.

Ahead of the driver is a digital gauge cluster, easily configured to multiple layouts and displaying any information desired. The center console design is notably clean – free of buttons and a gear lever, allowing for spacious storage and a clutter-free feel. 

The center stack houses two big touchscreens that handle almost any function between climate control, phone and vehicle functions and the stunning 21 speaker Sonus Faber premium sound system.

The Grecale is spacious, offering best-in-class cabin volume. Even the rear passengers are treated to a luxurious world of their own, with cosseting surroundings, heated seats and their own rear touchscreen for a separate climate control zone. 

Maserati’s artisan and sporting traditions are evident in the Grecale, but have been reinterpreted with a truly modern touch. The styling, technology and performance all work tog ether to convey a sense of harmony –  this Mediterranean wind is truly something special.

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