Style, Comfort, and Layers


December 9, 2020

Words by: Jelena Bojic

Photography by: Tatyana Semenova

From plaid shirts, to casual blazers, clean cut jeans, and a splash of colour – here’s what you should be wearing this winter.

Where in past winter seasons we saw more elegant and dressy styles, this year, being so different in itself, brings us more casual, yet polished looks. Mr.Derk is like your fashionable friend who helps you find all the trends and all the classics, and then tells you how to wear it all together. The Suit. Does anything ever feel as good as a well-tailored suit? This comfortable wool fabric gives you a breathable soft feel, and the look speaks for itself. Polished and on trend, yet cozy and relaxed.

The casual blazer is definitely one of our faves, and has been the ‘it’ item in menswear for a while now. With some retro elements, this tailored overcoat is a perfect transitional piece; whether it’s a seasonal transition, or from casual to dressy. And finally, why not add some colour to the mostly-neutrals in men’s wardrobes? Purple – not an easy colour to wear – but when you let the stylists do their thing, you can add this great colour to your winter collection for a surprisingly wearable look.

The Suit. Does anything ever feel as good as a well-tailored suit?

Accessories tie it all together, and we want you to think about toques, watches, scarves – the details bring your looks to life.

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