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August 5, 2022

Words by: Twyla Campbell

Three prime locations to enjoy top tier food and drink.


An attendant pulls forward the bookcase allowing access to an intimate space on the fifth floor of the JW Marriott in the ICE District. Beyond the threshold is a banquet of brass, glass, wood, and velvet that gleams with sunshine during the day and candlelight after dark. The Italian wallpaper, in a swath of teal and floral elements, is the crowning glory of this well-designed room. 

Alchemy is a cocktail-forward venue with knowledgeable bar staff ready and willing to fill your glass with something special. They’re also responsible for making the syrups, shrubs, and elixirs used in several of those cocktails. The bourbon-based Cigar Lounge contains a tobacco syrup made by infusing the base with shredded cigars, and the B&B Old Fashioned, made with Dorado rum, is elevated with Banane du Brésil, a liqueur that the staff washes with clarified butter and steeps with warm spices. Place your trust in them and ask for a dealer’s choice—you just might get a magic potion made of Greek liqueur, pearl dust, and rose petals. 

The food at Alchemy, while limited, is elevated yet approachable. A glass of La Tournée Blanc with the spot prawn ceviche or a locally brewed beer with the sizzling lamb chops scottadito are solid choices. Find a table next to the floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the view of shimmering high-rises, Rogers Place, or the Neon Sign Museum on 104th Street. Time it right and you’ll also drink in a spectacular sunset.

10344 – 102 Street

Alchemy Edmonton
Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

The patio that spills beyond the Confederation Lounge and the Harvest Room has long been considered one of the best in the province. History, luxury, and stunning vistas are enmeshed in this locale and while the space is large, nooks and crannies sheltered by shrubs and potted plants allow for privacy and solitude for those in need of peace and quiet. Large umbrellas over tables provide shade for guests seeking a more formal dining experience, while comfortable seating options under an awning are perfect for afternoon cocktails enjoyed with food made fresh in the outdoor kitchen. 

A panoramic view of the River Valley is available wherever you sit or stand in this space, with the city’s most iconic attractions visible at every turn: the glass pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory, the gleaming white arch of the Dawson Bridge, the sharp points of the Tawatinâ pedestrian bridge, and the newly renovated Edmonton Riverboat chugging its way up and down the North Saskatchewan River. This grand terrace has long provided a regal backdrop to commemorate special occasions, but really, any occasion, be it a wedding or a Wednesday, is a special occasion on the patio at Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

10065 – 100 Street

La Petite Iza

Stepping into this brasserie is like stepping into Paris circa 1900. Bronze lamps and a hand-painted glass ceiling create warm light in an elegant main room finished in dark wood panelling. Beyond the interior is a three-season, open-air sanctuary that offers a north facing view of the River Valley and the city’s downtown skyline. 

Details are everything at La Petite Iza: the fine stemware, the cobalt blue vases, the fresh flowers, the linens, even the servers’ aprons are above par, as is the service, food, and drink. 

Beef tartare, escargot, foie gras and bouillabaisse are de rigueur. And if you’re looking for somewhere special to pop a cork, this patio is perfect. What to have with that champagne? Oysters, of course.

10926 – 88 Avenue – 3rd Floor

La Petite Iza
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