Futuristic Fashion by Andy Jones


March 3, 2021

Words by: Jelena Bojic

Photography by: Tatyana Semenova

Peaks and Valleys collection with intricate expression.

“You have the right to remain fabulous,” says Andy Jones, as he’s selecting his favourite pieces from the new collection called Peaks and Valleys; a collection that embodies the candor of everyday wear and the refinement of formal outfits. Inspired by futuristic and visionary themes, he combines vibrant colours with clean cuts and exquisite fabrics to create these bold designs.

The pieces are practical and progressive, yet multi-dimensional and stylish. Bold colours, capes, and wrap pieces lend themselves well to the androgynous vision, allowing for gender-neutral looks, with fluid fit and expression. In the designer’s words, it’s a celebration of “people from all different walks of life, nationalities, orientations, and backgrounds.”

Entering the house, the modern design and details will overtake the sense and bring a sense of calm.

Inclusive genre and fashion that celebrates diversity brings us these intriguing samples of the Peaks and Valleys collection, as we explore the unique and compelling concepts by this local designer. For more details, visit Andy Jones’ Etsy page:


Hair and Makeup by: Amber Prepchuk
Model: Angie Boyle of Patti Falconer Agency

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