A Fashion Boutique with a California Girl Vibe – in Edmonton!


September 5, 2020

Words by: Karen Meurer

Two friends turn their love of fashion into a business.

It’s the classic story. Friends from high school reconnect and forge a deep friendship again, and in the case of Courtney Antoniuk and Erin Mack, a business.

On a vacation in California together, Antoniuk and Mack started talking about where they were in life and what they wanted to do next. The conversation turned to their love of fashion and Mack’s excellent online shopping skills and before the vacation was over they had a plan and a business name – PaperDoll Clothing.

Both were done with the days of spending $400 on a pair of jeans – they wanted to source clothing lines for women who wanted to look put together but not break the bank. Mack reached out to clothing lines in Los Angeles and they came on board. PaperDoll now carries lines from California, New York, London UK, and Australia.

PaperDoll Clothing provides quality clothes that you can’t find everywhere – different, unique. Antoniuk and Mack love to work with clients to pull together outfits that look good and work for them. They want people to leave with items they chose and like. They stand by the thought of “If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.”

PaperDoll Clothing provides quality clothes that you can’t find everywhere – different, unique. 

Looking at fashion trends lately, they are seeing what is being called the “transition trend” because of the global pandemic. “People are not needing to dress up everyday but still want to look sharp. Mix and match basics – something you can feel good in and wear anywhere – like a nice blazer, a pretty t-shirt, and jeans is the outfit of choice lately.” Skinny jeans and wide leg pants are both a staple to have this season and Mack is seeing a surge of plaid for the Fall. Both say wearing tone on tone and incorporating leppard pieces into outfits always makes for a classic and polished look. www.paperdoll.ca

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