Arkto Campers G12


June 11, 2024

Words by: Tom Sedens

The luxury of freedom through overlanding perfection

Luxury can be defined in a multitude of ways. Often something that does not matter to one person will be of utmost importance to another—and that’s where Arkto Campers finds its niche. 

To understand how this little company provides an essential luxury to its customers, one needs to first look at the company. Arkto Campers is an Edmonton-based company, founded in 2021 by Aaron Nerenberg and his business partner Matt Gibbons. The manufacturing and assembling of its G12 trailer happens right here.  

At first blush, the Arkto G12 may not shout luxury. There are bigger, fancier RV trailers that could make a “luxury RV” list. What the G12 brings to the table is pure off-roading and overlanding camping, affording its owner the luxury they seek—freedom; the freedom from civilization, roads, full campgrounds and plug-ins. 

Overlanding is defined as self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting months to years, and spanning international boundaries. It has worldwide popularity that shows strong exponential growth. 

The Arkto G12 is completely self-reliant for off-road and off-grid adventures. It combines an incredibly tough frame, rated for a 75-year life span, a composite body construction, a heavy-duty axle-less suspension, massive all-terrain tires and a protective belly pan to ensure everything gets to the intended destination in one piece. 

For living arrangements, the G12 sleeps up to four adventurers, thanks to a queen bed and two benches that convert to beds. The model has a dinette table with seating and all cabinetry is constructed from aluminum for durability. 

One of the biggest selling features, though, is storage. With 105 cubic feet, the G12 doubles its nearest competitor’s ability to pack away everything that is needed to live off the beaten path without encroaching upon space in the tow vehicle. The storage pantry in the trailer is such an integral aspect of overlanding that the G12 was designed around it. 

The Arkto G12 wows with its ability to completely transform thanks to exterior amenities tucked into every nook and cranny. Once parked and set up, the pop-up roof provides 6 feet 8 inches of standing room. A massive awning opens and swings out to offer a full 270 degrees of coverage. A fully equipped stainless-steel kitchen slides out of the trailer’s belly to aid in cooking any meal imagineable, from a freshly caught fish to a full gourmet dinner. Groceries for long trips go in the slide-out fridge-freezer and a fold-down prep table provides plenty of room to work.

A clever privacy enclosure for an outdoor shower and a portable toilet (accessible from both indoors and out) are found at the back of the trailer.  

Arkto is intimately involved in designing and building trailers to client specifications and is responsive to each customer’s needs. Aaron Nerenberg has even taken customers from the USA to the Alberta Rockies to show them his favourite camping spots. The entire service team deeply cares about their product and the customer ownership experience.

When it comes to the luxury of freedom and enjoying it on your own terms through the world of overlanding adventure, Arkto Campers has everything covered.

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