A Restaurant With Two Faces


April 11, 2021

Words by: Brandy Belitsky

Photography by: Josh Cura and Chris Spourghan

It’s a venture born from the minds of owners Isaac Choi and Jake Lee, who met through a mutual broker. DOSC represents two different personalities uniting in an unassuming atmosphere. Similar to the Cat and the Ox, two concepts you wouldn’t expect to be under the same roof, they wanted to bring something unique to Edmonton – a venue with two faces where you could enjoy yourself at any time of the day. Whether you’re looking for a fresh cup of local joe, some afternoon cocktails or a Wagyu steak to write home about, DOSC has you covered.

Home is where the cat is, at least that’s what the neon sign says when you enter the Sober Cat Café, DOSC’s welcoming hug to the downtown day crowd. You won’t find any cats at this café though; this trendy café-by-day serves up artisanal cups of coffee made with handpicked beans from Edmonton’s own Rogue Wave Coffee Company. If your tummy is rumbling, Sober Cat’s Pastry Chef, Gabriel Luk creates a unique experience with her pastries. Try a Cruffle, a signature pastry that adorns a familiar waffle shape with the light fluffiness of a cruller dougnut. Or if you’re feeling hangry, try a Cruffle Breakfast Sandwich. Sober Cat’s menu features an array of rotating pastries, sandwiches, bowls and bites – something to satiate every appetite.

At 4 pm, there’s a change in the atmosphere as DOSC’s bar and dinner menu opens up to the public. Grab a stool at the bar and try one of DOSC’s signature cocktails, the welcoming ambience will have you feeling right at home. Whether it’s something off the menu, a dealer’s choice, or just finding the perfect cocktail to sip on, DOSC offers an assortment of spirits, liqueurs, house-made syrups, juices, bitters and other tinctures that are crafted right behind the bar. You can catch happy hour daily from 4-6 pm.

In the evenings you can indulge your inner carnivore with a steak made from local Alberta beef, or you can spoil yourself with DOSC’s acclaimed A5 Japanese Wagyu Steak. Wagyu beef is famous for its marbling and melt-in your-mouth texture. Wagyu cows are rumoured to be massaged and have very strict diets which include beer, wine and local harvest. DOSC is currently serving two different types of Wagyu, the first being a crossbreed between a Japanese cow and AAA Alberta cow which creates an A3. Although it looks like a traditional ribeye, this steak is quite buttery and rich due to the greater marbling. DOSC is one of only eight restaurants in Edmonton that carry Brant Lake Wagyu. The second, A5 Iwate Wagyu, comes from a traditional Japanese Cow that is imported straight from Japan. Iwate comes from a prefecture just up from Tokyo.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh cup of local joe, some afternoon cocktails or a Wagyu steak to write home about, DOSC has you covered.

Whichever steak you choose, DOSC’s Head Chefs Karl McKinnon and Shariff Rajpar have contrived an exquisite menu designed for the ultimate steak house experience. With a focus on local, DOSC sources as many local ingredients as possible, changing items on their menu seasonally as needed. They also make all of their own syrups and sauces in-house, and dry age and cure their own meats.

The staff at DOSC are currently looking forward to the summer season. With the warmer weather quickly approaching, their patio is now open, so make sure to stop by for some bites and cocktails in the sunshine.


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