A Breath of Hot Glass


May 8, 2021

Words by: Jessica Laccetti, PH.D

Glimpse Keith Walker’s imagination and his exclusive creations.

Molten glass, pipes, and bubbles – three things that when combined with a classically trained Glasssmith like Keith Walker, result in beautiful sculptures and cups. Walker explains his craftsmanship as a “drive to create a presence and evoke personality.” With his boundary-pushing crafting, Walker says he can “mix his dexterity with creative ideas.” How’s that for alchemy?

Clicking through Walker’s website reveals spectacular collections that are both useful (glasses, decanters) and sculptural (these are ‘experimental’ and one-of-a-kind).Following his training, Walker began his practise in Edmonton as a volunteer at a local Glass HappensStudio. Along with this mode of accruing experience, Walker had the opportunity to participate in SalemState University’s month-long glass residency and many international classes. The Alberta Craft Council, Alberta Branded, and Sabrina Butterfly Designs currently represent him. You can also enjoy a series of Walker’s work on display at the Edmonton International Airport – the Skilsaw Umbrella Series – or the installations at the Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre and the Muttart Conservatory. If you’re planning on staying outdoors, explore the permanent glass installation of 204 hand-made glass pieces along downtownEdmonton’s Capital Boulevard which links the Alberta Legislature building with MacEwan University.

These glass pieces are part of the lights along the road so they both light up the way as well as one’s spirit.

For Walker, this creative play is built upon years of practice and continual refinement of his craft. His process of “dream, think, draw, make,” highlights the role of experimentation and trial and error. Walker notes, “the profound importance of seeing glass as an elusive prey so that his unquenchable thirst drives him to push the boundaries of the medium and to never stop exploring new ideas and techniques.”

These glass pieces are part of the lights along the road so they both light up the way as well as one’s spirit.

It’s no bad thing to heed that reminder to keep discovering. And seeing Walker’s designs is one such invitation to journey through the handmade opus that is Keith Walker’s pursuit.



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