3 Designers, 3 Summer Patios


May 8, 2021

Words by: Brandy Belitsky

We asked three local interior designers to come up with the ideal summer patio for a condo, lakehouse, and backyard. Here’s what they dreamed up.

Katie Menon

Stephenson Interiors
Lake House Patio

Growing up, Katie Menon’s family moved around a lot. In each new home, Katie would completely overhaul her bedroom space and design her new bedrooms with fully realized concepts. It was here that her dreams of becoming anInterior Designer began.

Tell us about your lake house patio design

We wanted to showcase how different styles of furniture can work together to create a more interesting outdoor room. You wouldn’t choose the same two chairs with a matching sofa for your indoor living room, so why would you do that for your outdoor space? Combining different collections with mixed materials for outdoor furniture makes for a more interesting look. Designing a floor plan with versatility in mind was also a key component to our concept. We’ve created multiple conversation areas and included swivel chairs for flexibility in how users can interact with each other and the space. Just spin yourself around to check out the lake view in peace and quiet or rotate back into a social scene on the patio.

Which local businesses would you source your furniture/items from?

All of the items are sourced directly through us!We have spent years sourcing our favourite brands and have partnered with them to be able to serve our clients through our full-service offerings. We stay on top of trends and innovations across all sectors of the design world, including those in the furnishings and decor departments so that our clients are always presented with the most unique, highest quality products for their projects.


Jehan Hamda

Modern Era Design
Backyard Patio

This mother of three found her passion for interior design after renovating one of her husband’s rental units. Jehan loved the entire process of renovating from demolition to completion. Over the years she also became captivated with new construction homes. After building two custom homes with a local builder, Jehan decided to take the Residential Interiors Program at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension.She completed the program in 2015 and since then has worked on various commercial projects, high-end custom-built homes, and decorating projects.

Tell us about your condo patio design

My inspiration for this design is a calming retreat, a livable outdoor space, keeping privacy in mind. I don’t want all the pieces to look like patio furniture, instead I want the pieces to feel like furniture that could be used indoors. I used a neutral palette, keeping nature in the background as colour. Also, my vision for the patio is to have a space where one can entertain, work, relax and enjoy it year-round. Zoom backgrounds have been a huge thing now since the pandemic. So, creating a beautiful background such as a metal decorative screen is key. Also, having different zones is also important to keep your home interesting.

My philosophy is to have an experience in each room.One needs to keep motivated and feel like it’s a treat to walk into a beautiful, well-planned space. It’s important to have a hot spot to reflect on health – mentally and physically, especially during these crazy times.

Which local businesses did you choose to source your furniture/items from?

I used Design Loft, Outdoor Rooms Without Walls and Bountiful, Hideaway Screens.


We asked three local interior designers to come up with the ideal summer patio for a condo, lakehouse, and backyard. Here’s what they dreamed up.

Gena Heydanus

Sovereign Style Interiors
Condo Patio

Gena is a homebody and a firm believer that everyone should have a home that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. She wanted to pursue design because she loved how just a few – but often necessary – changes could positively alter the look and feel of a space.

Tell us about your home patio design

The design I came up with was globally inspired.Since many of us aren’t able to travel at this time, I thought it would be fun to bring some tribal elements and nomadic spice to my patio design.I used neutral muted colours with a few splashes of colour, lots of greenery, inspiring textures, shapes and conversation pieces.

Which local businesses did you choose to source your furniture/items from?

Most of the pieces are available through my design business ‘Sovereign Style Interiors’ and from my design trade showroom, ‘Design Loft’. It’s a locally operated trade resource center owned by two sisters, and a place that I have sourced my furnishings from for years. Professional and knowledgeable, my clients and I have access to many amazing, high quality products that you may not see every day.


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