The Hidden Saloon


June 11, 2024

Words by: Francesca Roznicki

State-of-the-art comfort in the Wild West

In Canmore, there’s a home with a secret room that whispers tales of the Wild West. In all of its saloon-style poker room glory, this private haven embodies the craftsmanship and design of Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry. 

Founded in 1995 by visionary Scott MacDonald, the company is synonymous with unparalleled quality and bespoke millwork. In 2011, the company’s legacy passed into the capable hands of husband and wife duo, Shawn and Jemma Tiltgen, who continue to uphold and expand upon MacDonald’s vision. The Tiltgens’ passion for creating unique and personalized spaces is evident in every corner of this extraordinary space.

The room is located behind an unassuming door which opens by remote control. What lies beyond feels like a step back in time. The centrepiece of this space is a magnificent poker table built by The Living Barrel, its base and chairs crafted from repurposed whiskey barrels—each knot and grain telling a story of aged spirits and craftsmanship. Display cabinets etched with antique glass fronts provide a glimpse into a collection of fine cigars and spirits, all stored within their appropriate climate-control range and monitored via a smartphone app. These cabinets, most of them equipped with invisible locks accessible by scan card, add an element of mystery and exclusivity to the room. 

Above, the copper-tin ceiling reflects the warm glow of hand-forged wrought iron lighting fixtures and gold hardware on the classic industrial-style refrigerator. These meticulous details add to the room’s elegantly rustic appeal, making it a perfect retreat for unwinding with friends. Besides the subtle hint of polished wood, the atmosphere is pristine, thanks to a specially designed ventilation system. The surround sound system ensures that every lyric and every note is heard with crystal clarity. 

Rugged materials and vintage elements blend with modern conveniences and innovation to create a space that exudes warmth and character. This ode to the Wild West is more than a place to play cards—it’s a tribute to craftsmanship, a celebration of

history, and a sanctuary for those who appreciate the finer things in life. And, for the Tiltgens, it’s a testament to the artistry and dedication of a company that has long understood the power and appeal of a well-crafted space.

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