Sunrise Yoga


October 2, 2020

Words by: Lindsay Brommeland

Photography by: Nabel Mansour

Yes, it’s early, but what else are you doing at 6 a.m.?

We all have a personal journey to wellness. For Susan Eve, owner of Inner Circle Yoga, it started with a car accident. She was struck by a car while crossing Jasper Avenue that left her physically disabled for 2 years. As she slowly recovered, she was drawn to Yoga as a gentle way to heal, both physically and mentally. Just like our current pandemic pause, the accident gave her a chance to reset and reconsider her busy life. Susan admits that pre-accident, she tried yoga and it didn’t quite click as she was used to a high impact style of exercise. With that in mind, she has combined classic fitness principles with Yoga to create Sunrise Yoga: a mix of Navy Seals training, resistance training, and vinyasa yoga.

Yes, it’s early, but what else are you doing at 6 a.m.?

Sunrise Yoga is designed to make students stronger in mind and body, no matter where they are on their wellness journey. The program is online, which Susan considers a good thing, because “when we leave our houses we have a social mask on, and now physical masks as well”. At home we can leave the masks aside and focus on what really matters.

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