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February 3, 2021

Words by: Jelena Bojic

Photography by: Tatyana Semenova

A Visit to Hot Stone Spa.

Siberia, a Russian province known for its size and cold temperatures, is also known for its banyas. Going to a banya – comparable to a modern-day spa – has been considered one of Siberia’s most important activities since the 1800s; not only from a social perspective, but to ensure overall health and wellness.

When Valeri Nazarov, an Edmontonian who’s originally from Siberia, started thinking about the unique treatments and benefits of Russian banyas, he realized this was something he really wanted to bring to our market. The concept of temperature contrast, from hot to cold, where sauna bathing is followed by cooling periods in cold environments, is very beneficial for human health. Valeri’s wife Tetyana was supportive of this business idea, so in January of 2019, Hot Stones Spa was opened and welcomed its first clients.

The beginnings were hard, as is typically the case with most small businesses, especially the ones that are introducing a new and different concept. And Hot Stones Spa is definitely dif ferent. First and foremost, it’s a family friendly space where all ages are welcome, with many entertainment options for kids. The owners are firm believers that the family should be relaxing and enjoying the benefits of the banya together, so this is a space that brings friends and families together. Their first customers were mostly those familiar with the concept of the banya, happy to discover that they could enjoy its benefits here in Edmonton. Word of mouth can travel fast, especially when you provide a five-star experience for your clients. They got busier, and the number of clients grew steadily – until Covid-19 restrictions started impacting business operations.

Hot Stones Spa, a product of true love and passion from its owners, is all about wellness and collective good. The beautiful, wood carved furniture in the spa is custom made, purchased from local woodcraft masters. A custom blend tea is included in all their reservations, and is taken very seriously. The couple originally went to Turkey to bring high quality tea to be served in the spa, and once that supply began dwindling, they decided to grow their own. Mint, thyme and other herbs are planted in their garden, dried and packaged to be added to a relaxing and healthy experience for each client at Hot Stones Spa. Every process and every service is done with so much attention to detail, it’s impossible to leave without feeling wonderful, relaxed and fulfilled.

The concept of temperature contrast, from hot to cold, where sauna bathing is followed by cooling periods in cold environments, is very beneficial for human health.

Amongst the many services offered in the spa, including sauna, massage and yoga, there’s the salt room therapy. With specialized equipment, these rooms offer micro-particles of pure salt in the air to be inhaled and also exposed to the skin. Research shows that benefits of salt therapy include improvement of lung function and the immune system, and can be a natural treatment for colds, flu, bronchitis and many other diseases. With the current travel restrictions in place, this is as close to the ocean air we can get, and we will happily take it.

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