Welcome to the Jungle


May 8, 2024

Words by: Twyla Campbell

A new world of wellness at Holistika Tulum

One step through the portal at Holistka and you feel like you’ve entered a new dimension. The shape of the entryway is deliberate—what this jungle sanctuary offers is a rebirth of sorts; a renewal of mind, body and spirit. 

Enrobed by nature, Holistika is far removed from the hotel zone and busy tourist attractions that Tulum offers. Birds sing, sunlight dapples through the trees, and flora and fauna bathe you in their scent. A walk around the property is meditation in motion. 

The long list of therapeutic healing sessions includes different levels of yoga, Reiki, and spiritual self-exploration. Kundalini Bodywork dives into the somatic release of trauma, emotions, and pain; a sacred cacao experience invites connection between participant, ancestors and Creator. Even sitting in a swing chair at the smoothie bar, while enjoying a blended drink, does the body (and the mind) a world of good. 

A 24-room boutique hotel offers overnight and long-term guests peace and comfort in a serene setting. Sitting poolside with a morning coffee is a nice way to start the day. The nearby Beehive is a hub for like-minded souls to enjoy communal living. Luxury combined with simplicity in the heart of the Mayan jungle is as pleasing as you can imagine. 

Travellers from around the globe come for week-long retreats to unplug from the chaos of life while learning how to tune into their inner harmony. Sound healing, meditation and pre-Hispanic ceremonies like the Tezmacal steam bath and an energy-purifying fire ceremony are part and parcel of the program.  

Good food is also on-site. Tierra, an open-air restaurant, focuses on vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Dishes are made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and are wholly satisfying—even for skeptical carnivores. Chilaquiles, fibre-rich açai bowls, tacos, roasted vegetables, pasta dishes…if you’ve never tried huitlacoche, a corn fungus sometimes referred to as “Mexican truffle,” I’d recommend the umami-rich ravioli; it was delicious. 

At Holistika, they tell you that transformation can happen both in and outside of your comfort zone. This is true. The Reiki-infused Ancestral Sound Healing session I participated in so deeply affected me, I felt it in my bones an hour later. My root chakra spoke, and what it said landed squarely on an emotional bullseye. I felt a shift in energy and the solution to a troublesome personal situation surfaced like a vision. It was as unsettling as it was comforting, and exactly what I needed. 

Contemplation comes easy here. The entire setting invites you to wander its pathways; past white-washed buildings and up curved stairways to secluded places where you can just sit and be. Learning how to stay present in the moment is worth the effort. Beautiful things are found there. 

One of the most impactful parts of Holistika is the artwalk, inspiring and free to anyone who wants to experience it. Spending time in the presence of thought-provoking sculptures and standing before colourful murals had me thinking about how I walk through this thing called life. Turns out, I’d been running for most of it.  

Holistika filled my near-empty cup, fulfilling its intended purpose to recharge and renew through a holistic approach. 

Peace and energy coexist beyond the portal. It’s a good and beautiful place to be. 


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