Bicycles, Rafts & Segways, Oh My!


August 30, 2021

Words by: Lana Linton

Exploring Edmonton’s River Valley Has Never Been More Fun.

August is here, and we all know what that means: the dog days of summer are behind us as we begin to creep towards the autumn. Those of us who relish in the long days, sweltering heat, and radiant sunshine feel a prickling urgency to complete our summer bucket lists. For those of you keen to add another item to your lists, I have just the thing, River Valley Adventure Co.

If you, dear reader, are anything like me, you may consider yourself more of an indoor person. You thrive in comfortable, air-conditioned spaces, have what your outdoorsy counterparts call an unreasonable fear of garter snakes, and never learned to ride a bike. Nonetheless, I invite you to challenge whatever your status quo looks like for an outdoor adventure that every Edmontonian should have at least once.

The Oxford Dictionary defines adventure as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” With River Valley Adventure Co., you can have what the Oxford Dictionary describes without the hazard. Cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat with the option to rent mountain bikes and electric bikes. Take them for a few hours or the whole day and experience what the most beautiful part of our city has to offer. With over 480 kilometers of trails, you’ll never get bored.

Perhaps you’re feeling bold and fancy a more Robinson Crusoe exploit? River Valley Adventure Co. can make that happen for you. Hop into an inflatable raft and brave the unpredictable waters of the North Saskatchewan River (a life jacket is required, lest you end up shipwrecked like poor Robinson). There are few scenes as breathtaking in our city as those only accessible on the river—an excellent option for a daring yet romantic first date.

For those of you keen to add another item to your bucket lists, I have just the thing, River Valley Adventure Co.

If you’re seeking a more relaxed adventure like me, you can grab a friend and rent a surrey bike, complete with built-in shade and baskets for your trail-side picnic. If cycling isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d prefer a Segway tour. A laid-back experience that almost anyone of any age can enjoy. You can glide across the Walterdale Bridge or zip along the River Valley trails. There’s a lot to be seen, from the bush to the sidewalk.

Whether you’re looking to explore the heart of our city, off the beaten path or on, River Valley Adventure Co. has you covered. Join a tour or head out on your own; you can decide what adventure means to you.

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