The Elevation of the Art of Picnicking


September 8, 2021

Words by: Mona Butler

Photography by: Impressions by Mohit Photography

Luxe Picnic Co. breaks through the pandemic clouds with whimsical outdoor experiences.

The role dining plays in all of our social lives is, without a doubt, imperative. When the pandemic came and shut people out of restaurants and coffee shops, a massive hole formed leaving friends and families separated. From this chasm came a unique and delightful twist on a classic experience: Luxury Picnics.

Sarah and Imaan combined their extensive experience in hospitality to craft these bespoke experiences, inspired by similar companies popping up in the United States. It began with families and household groups but has gradually expanded as restrictions have allowed.

“Life changed during the pandemic,” they said. “We saw how people’s lives were affected without travel and restaurants. We wanted to do something to lift people’s spirits while still respecting the restrictions, so we launched our outdoor dining experience.”

Not only are the two well-matched in their work experience, but they share a passion for interior design and decor too. Though their styles are different, they find these differences often complement each other for an even more aesthetically pleasing experience. Sarah and Imaan are constantly on the lookout for new pieces to add to their inventory, so that no two picnics look alike. Clients can either pick from past themes posted on their Instagram, or they can pick a custom theme for a wholly unique experience. 

“We love doing custom themes, and are open to any ideas that our clients bring us! Creativity is one of our favourite aspects of the business and we thrive on bringing guest’s visions to life.”

When it comes to what event to celebrate with a luxury picnic, the only limit is your imagination. Sarah and Imaan have had bookings for every type of celebration and party. One doesn’t need anything to celebrate either. If all you want is a special get together with friends overlooking a gorgeous view of the city, then they are more than happy to accommodate. 

The pair have narrowed down their picnic locations to a few key spots along the River Valley that overlook the city centre, however, they are always game to scout out new locations for adventurous clients. If you want to picnic at home, that is available too!

Don’t think for a moment that Sarah and Imaan will be letting the winter months put a damper on anyone’s ability to picnic in style. They are already planning fall and winter packages for enchanting dining experiences all year long. Expect one-of-a-kind, no matter the season or location.

“We hope to host indoor events for friends & family gatherings and corporate holiday parties. We hope to stay true to the Luxe Picnic Co. brand of individualized, unique Christmas events that capture modern luxury and go beyond the typical festive party!”

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