Why Luxury-Lovers Love Boutique Hotels


September 5, 2020

Words by: Erin Slobodian

Union Bank Inn in downtown Edmonton fits with what luxury-travelers have been seeking.

Boutique hotels have been gaining in popularity with luxury-travelers over the past few years. Hospitalitynet.org says many people are looking for a higher level of comfort in the hotels they spend such a large portion of their days and nights at, while on vacation. During a time in history when travel is difficult and in some cases restricted, those same travelers can find a similar and far less restricted getaway option: check-in to a luxury boutique hotel in their own backyards.

What makes a boutique hotel stay special?

Boutique hotels are typically located in the heart of a community and have lots to offer in terms of nearby restaurants, bars, theatres, and nightlife. They offer proximity to the authentic culture of a community.

Luxurious Amenities
Boutique hotels usually have incredible food served from in-hotel restaurants that are headed by respected and talented Chefs, beautiful architecture, and distinctive decor and furnishings.

Warm and Personal Service
Boutique hotels have fewer rooms than most chain-hotels, usually between 10-100 doors. This means the hotel staff is more familiar with your personal preferences.

Union Bank Inn in downtown Edmonton fits with what luxury-travelers have been seeking. 

Union Bank Inn is a small but stately 4-Star luxury hotel in downtown Edmonton. It is situated on Jasper Avenue and 100th street and is surrounded by many local restaurants and bars. Union Bank Inn’s unique Modern Renaissance Architecture is riddled with history and stories for those who wish to hear. Plus there is a fireplace in every room.

A la carte breakfast and Wine and Cheese is included with your stay. The Madisons Grill Signature 6 Course Wine and Dine is an exciting and unique experience every time you try it and it is served in the beautifully remodelled historic former Union Bank. “Union Bank Inn has a small team of professionals who strive to give guests a sincere, personalized and warm stay,” said one of its owner’s, Shelley Davis, in a phone conversation with Modern Luxuria.

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