The Art of Medicine


December 8, 2022

Words by: Mona Butler

Photography by: Nev Ostoin

From her Edmonton surgical practice, Dr. Korus is helping women look and feel their best through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, thanks to significant medical training and a keen eye for what will be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Korus carries her many titles well: Assistant Clinical Professor with the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Alberta, Site Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Grey Nuns Hospital, and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. She is a member of numerous committees, societies, and associations; she’s a mom, and, of course, she is the head of her own surgical practice, newly relocated to the Brewery District.

Before Dr. Korus became one of the leading plastic surgeons in Alberta, she studied at universities across North America; having decided to go into medicine due to her love of science and a desire to connect with people through her work. She was drawn to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery because of the focus on improving quality of life, rather than the focus on life or death.

“These surgeries often rely on creativity and problem solving, so they gave me a chance to stimulate the “right” side of my brain. They very much embody the ‘art of medicine’,” Dr. Korus explained.

Dr. Korus is not only trained to enhance the look of a regular breast, but she has also trained extensively in reconstructing them from scratch when they have been removed or damaged, usually due to cancer treatment.

“These two training streams have proven to be invaluable in complimenting each other and giving me more surgical tool sets and different ideas of approaching breast surgery — especially when I consult with new patients for revisions of previous surgical work,” she said.

Profound knowledge in surgical practices is imperative, but one of the main pillars of her practice is patient experience. These surgeries play a key role in her patients’ recovery in many forms of the word: recovery from cancer, recovery from childbirth, and even recovery of self-confidence. She acknowledges the immense trust that her patients place in her and her team, and works hard to put them at ease at every step of the journey. From the initial consultation, to the point where they can be considered fully healed, Dr. Korus follows them to ensure everything is going as expected. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Korus has seen both societal and surgeons’ attitudes change in unique ways that have vastly improved the field of cosmetic surgery. She has watched the stigma around cosmetic surgery wane with procedures becoming more mainstream, especially as people become more health conscious. There is an increased desire to augment the results achieved thanks to diet and exercise with these kinds of enhancements. 

These enhancements can only evolve when the outcomes are analyzed and shared throughout the medical community and these discussions vital to the advancement of the field are happening now more than ever. 

“Surgeons on an individual level analyze their own results and share their experiences. This shared, collaborative knowledge, allows each individual surgeon to improve techniques over time.”

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