The Whimsical, Timeless and Romantic Tale of Haiku Lane


August 15, 2021

Words by: Brandy Belitsky

Photography by: Lindsay Touchings

Inspired by a trip to Maui in 2011, Haiku Lane Jewelry was born when former childhood educator Lindsay Kelloway realized that she couldn’t find any jewelry pieces that truly spoke to her.

In 2011, Lindsay Kelloway was visiting her home-away from home at her Grandparent’s house in Maui. Taking in the scents, culture and people, it was here she discovered that this was the place her soul was meant to be. Haiku Lane Jewelry was completely inspired by this magical island. The name “Haiku” comes from Lindsay’s love for an old sugar mill in Maui that dates back to 1860 called “Haiku Mill”.

Influenced by local island artisans using elements from the island such as seashells and gemstones, Lindsay began to design her own jewelry as a creative outlet. This newfound passion quickly evolved into making pieces that not only looked pretty, but also held meaning. It was important that her customers felt connected to her pieces. She wanted to create something that would transport her clients back in time to a favourite moment or experience.

Each piece of Haiku Lane Jewelry begins with a simple sketch. The ideas for each design come from Lindsay’s own stories and loved ones. These sketches are then turned into a 3D rendering and are lovingly made in small, family owned manufacturing plants in Thailand and India. Each collection is beautifully crafted from sterling silver and vermeil, and features unique motifs and precious gemstones in intricate settings.

When asked what a day in Lindsay’s life looks like, this full time Mommy of two finds her days centered around her daughters. On days she has childcare, Lindsay can be found answering emails, working on orders, dreaming up new designs, and working on her social media platforms.

Taking in the scents, culture and people, it was here she discovered that this was the place her soul was meant to be.

Lindsay’s vision for the future of Haiku Lane is to expand into more boutiques across North America. She’s currently dreaming up a future bridal collection and will be launching a zodiac collection soon.

You can find Lindsay’s collections in her online shop at and at various shops across North America.

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