Bespoke Suits for Every Identity


September 5, 2020

Words by: Erin Slobodian

One male dominated industry gets a makeover.

Edmonton’s hand-made suit industry is now expanding into one that is more inclusive. In addition to creating bespoke suits for men, Su Misura Bespoke is growing to include a market that isn’t as well served: bespoke suits for women and non-gender conforming people. The tailors, Akith Dissanayake and Charlotte Jensen, are newlyweds and are tackling the market together. “Tailoring has traditionally been focused on men and now anybody can have a bespoke suit,” said Jensen.

Jensen is apprenticing as a tailor under Dissanayake who is a trained “cutter”. A cutter is someone who maps and cuts patterns for suits from fabric that are based on the measurements, style, and needs of a client. The tailor-couple feels that having the choice of a female or male tailor will give some clients a level of comfort and fortunately, Dissanayake’s passion for tailoring is matched by that of his spouse. “My baby has been introducing women’s and non-conforming tailoring,” admits Jensen who says it’s difficult for men to find a suit that fits properly but it can be even more difficult for women and non-gender conforming people whose body shapes can vary widely. She wants to help them feel fabulous in a well-fitted suit.

Edmonton’s hand-made suit industry is now expanding into one that is more inclusive. 

So what can someone expect when buying a bespoke suit from Su Misura Bespoke? It starts with a phone interview where the lifestyle of the client is asked about. “We want to create a garment that will fit into our client’s life rather than the other way around,” said Dissanayake. Next, they talk with their clients about fabric and style. Su Misura then pulls fabric samples and during the initial in-person consultation they take measurements. Then the tailor creates a pattern, cuts the fabric, and prepares the suit for the client who will come back for a fitting. It typically takes between 6 and 8 weeks from phone conversation to the finished suit being ready to wear.

“We’re not going for fast-fashion or today’s trends. This is an investment piece that you will have for 20 years. It’ll be fashionable and it will be timeless,” said Dissanayake.

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