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August 2, 2020

Five companies, a toddler, and a baby bump! This dynamic Edmonton couple isn’t slowing down.

There is one word that sums up the vibe of Kyla Kazeil and Justin Der and that word is ‘chill’. Kazeil and Der have been together for more than two decades and they have one super cute toddler named Stevie. This entrepreneurial Edmonton family is involved in the running of five businesses and now they’re expecting a second child in December. Kazeil and Der combine a love of fashion, music, food, and Edmonton and have created some of the city’s most well-known businesses: The Common, Grandin Fish N’ Chips, The Bamboo Ballroom, Foosh and music venue, 99ten. We caught up with Kazeil and Der to learn a little bit more about their lives.

How did you two meet?

We met at a rave in the 90s through a mutual friend. Justin was living in Calgary at the time.

Tell us about your family.

We welcomed our daughter, Stevie into our lives in 2018 after being in a relationship for over 20 years. Stevie is expecting a little brother in December! We are about to get a whole lot busier, if that’s possible.

How do you find balance in your family life while running 5 businesses?

Teamwork. Both with one another and with our amazing network of partners, managers, and employee team, plus our families. Having a defined schedule but also not being afraid to deviate from it. Relying on each other especially in the world of COVID and remembering not to take ourselves too seriously. Tomorrow is a new day, as long as everyone is safe, we are good.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements?

As a couple, our greatest achievement has been maintaining a relationship for over 20 years and a business partnership. Haha! It’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it. As entrepreneurs our greatest achievement is sustainability. Foosh [has been in business for] 21 years, Bamboo Ballroom for 15 years, and the Common for 11 years. We are proud of our fluidity and ability to adapt and reinvent ourselves and our businesses with the times and are proud of the corporate culture and community of friends and family that we are a part of.

Five companies, a toddler, and a baby bump! This dynamic Edmonton couple isn’t slowing down. 

What do you most value in a friend?

Reliability hands down, and humour.

What brings you joy?

Time with family and friends. Justin is an avid motorcycle rider and we love just hanging out, traveling and socializing. Over the last several years we began to partner with our employees. Seeing the growth and unlimited potential that comes with opening space for others is an amazing feeling.

What does Luxuria mean to you?

Justin: Luxuria for me is about finding the rare. Limited releases especially sneakers and streetwear. I’ve been collecting sneakers since the 90s. There’s something pretty rad about having a Nike that’s so limited that there’s only 1000 pairs in circulation. Over the years I’ve sold a lot of my collection but there are some that I will definitely keep forever. That and setting my own schedule, I really value that.

Kyla: Luxuria for me has changed over the years. It used to mean designer bags and vacations. I think now for me it’s the luxury of time well spent. The ability to define my own career and dictate my own days. To surround myself with likeminded people and create spaces that foster growth.


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