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January 2, 2024

Words by: Cai Parker Paré

Where luxury meets personal wellness

In the heart of Alberta, where winter’s embrace can chill to the bone, Extravacat’s Saunas emerges as a radiant haven, transcending the conventional sauna experience into a realm of opulent escape. Owned by Jason VanBoven, a skilled carpenter, these saunas go beyond the ordinary by creating an immersive backyard experience that elevates both physical and mental well-being.  

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, while working at Extravacat’s Saunas’ sister company, Aquarian Renovations, VanBoven identified an opportunity to enhance daily life with the sauna aspect of the business. Witnessing a surge in demand for backyard retreats and an untapped market, he envisioned transforming spaces to elevate relaxation for all Albertans. 

Suanas are said to reduce stress, trigger the release of endorphins, and lower cortisol levels. “Using a sauna about three times a week has significant health perks,” says VanBoven. “While research supports physical health benefits, prioritizing personal relaxation can also boost mental well-being.” 

Extravacat’s Saunas presents a selection of premium outdoor saunas constructed of red and eastern white cedar varieties. Notably, the Georgian Cabin sauna, part of the Eastern White Cedar Collection, stands out with its light colour and cottage-friendly design that can effortlessly integrate into any home or cabin backyard setting. 

The Red Cedar Collection features an array of choices, including the Cedar Barrel, Mini Pod, Panoramic, and Luna models. “These saunas are perfect for socializing, as bathers are seated facing each other,” explains VanBoven. “Each sauna is 100% Canadian red cedar, anti-bacterial and rot-resistant against climate.”

The saunas are meticulously constructed to endure challenging weather conditions with the superior quality of the wood helping to ensure a resilient year-round retreat for users seeking solace and rejuvenation. 

VanBoven further underscores Extravacat’s Saunas distinctive features by highlighting their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and detail. “Our local carpenters construct and service our units. They know the material inside and out.” Unlike most companies, Extravacat’s Saunas offers fully customizable saunas, with each model displayed in their showroom and ready for customers to try before purchasing. 

Extravacat’s dedication to luxury and well-being extends beyond saunas, venturing into aquatic tranquility with Extravacat’s Pools. Crafted from resilient fibreglass, these pools withstand Alberta’s freeze-and-thaw cycles, ensuring year-round structural integrity. The design, akin to an ice cube tray, assures resilience against challenging local weather conditions.

In detailing the origin of Extravacat’s Saunas, VanBoven sheds light on the company name. “It was borne out of differentiation and a positive, fun spirit—something different in the market.” This creative inception underscores the brand’s commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable experience in the realm of wellness and luxury. “As a brick-and-mortar establishment, we stand apart and are committed to our local neighbourhood.”

Looking toward the future, Jason envisions ambitious milestones for the company and elevating the backyard experience for residents across the province. Extravacat’s Saunas, guided by a blend of creativity and commitment, is poised to continue shaping spaces that transcend the ordinary, offering warmth, relaxation, and a wellness sanctuary for all Albertans. 


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