Sparkle and Shine


November 5, 2023

Photography by: Steven Hope

Unveiling the glamour of holiday dresses

Embracing the allure of Shades of Grey boutique, women’s fashion takes a captivating turn this month. With the festive season drawing near, it’s time to indulge in the enchantment of holiday dresses. Double the style, double the fun: view the collection at both Shades of Grey locations. 

Photography by  Steven Hope
Agency Chan International
Models Blyss Ward, Valeriia Mikno, & Riese Balisi

Solene Dress

Left: Dreamer Mini Dress
Right: Bonita Midi Dress

Left: Marianna Dress
Right: Aviana Dress, Griffin Dog Tag Necklace

Carmen Dress

Lera Dress

Left: Doris Dress
Right: Anna Dress, Ola Earrings

Left: Savine Pant, Jorja Top
Centre: Dreamer Halter Top, Dreamer Maxi Skirt
Right: Nera Dress

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